Welcome to superninja4965.co.uk the site where I (SuperNinja_4965) upload my projects and more!

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My Projects

I currently have a few projects ongoing and a few finished. I am currently working in iframeSH0PL1FT3R5, but don't worry my personal projects are still going to continue while I work in the group. All of the projects I work on in the group will also be available here as well as the group's site. Click the button below to go to my projects


Latest Projects

Hangman - SuperNinja_4965

This is one of my open source projects. It is a simple game of hangman. You are allowed to modify the code as you wish (I do realise my code is messy). However, you must keep credit in for the origional creator (me).


Here you can access the web client for smsX.

View web client

Retired - smsX for Windows 

Please view the page here for more info
Here you can download all versions of smsX.

About Us

Founded in late 2018 SuperNinja_4965 was established into the tech world!
We (I) work in a development team called iframeSH0PL1FT3R5 (click here to visit our site).
This SuperNinja_4965 website is where 
our projects and the 
iframeSH0PL1FT3R5 projects are uploaded.


Founder of SuperNinja_4965 (It's a company as well as a name). Program developer, web designer and System Administrator.



SuperNinja_4965 partner - rlxde

Founder and CEO of ioWave Networks, lead web-designer at ioWave, SysAdmin, Developer.